Piarpi Pool Sauna Company was established in Istanbul in 2007 by Ankari Bakir . Piarpi is an established company for creating synergy between suppliers, workers and customers. The word “Piarpi” is inspired by Pi number in mathematics referring to the modern scientific management logic. Piarpi completely uses concrete and quantitive datas at operational management. Piarpi will exist for its suppliers, workers and customers, today, tomorrow and in future. Our main logic is that our suppliers, workers and customers are our partners. Our main activities are swimming pool equipments, swimming pool chemicals, fountains, sauna equipments and steam room equipments.



Swimming pool, sauna, spa,steam room,Wellness and Fountain Equipment we offer with high quality and environmentally friendly products we want to be leading company and leading brand in the world



we want to Adding added value to our customers, employees, our country and the world.We want to provide continuous development to the development of our industry.We want to develop products that are sensitive to the environment, human health and all other living things.We want to continue to offer our customers country arrangement and products that they can use economically.We want to continuously inform our customers and employees.With our experience and well known brand,we do always aim to create synergy between suppliers,workers,contractors,customers and end users within the market.


Our Core Values

+ Honesty
+ Trust
+ Quality
+ Innovation
+ High Technology
+ Energy saving
+ Best after-sales service

Next Generation Pool and Sauna Technologies